So, what is so French about Petit Bistro? For a start it’s their attitude to ingredients – only the best seasonal produce will do. Most produce is native to Guernsey such as locally shot rabbit and pigeon, and fish straight off the boat. Speciality French produce such as foie gras is sourced from the famous Rungis Market just outside Paris. Discover the wines of Burgundy, Jura, and the Loire Valley, Calvados from Normandy and Armagnac from Charentes, all sourced from award winning Guernsey suppliers.

Out front, our team of French speaking professionals ensure customers flow effortlessly – and happily, through the doors.

Specialities such as coq au vin, frogs legs and Côte de Boeuf are favourites on the menu, and our team, constantly inspired by the seasons, ensures there is always something new on the specials board.

Prepare to be fed trés bien in unpretentious and authentic French style. Petit Bistro really is a little piece of France.